Terms & Conditions

The tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time.

  • The investment risk is borne by the investor.
  •  The investment advice will be provided for a mutual fund equity schemes, mutual fund debt schemes and life insurance products and the investors should execute on their own through HTC Global Financial Services Private Limited.
  • Interested investors should sign proposal forms.
  • The investor should produce supportive documents as per the present SEBI and IRDA regulations and company law board regulations if any.
  • As per the product combination the investor should draw the cheques in the name of the principal only (Insurance companies and AMCs). The payment should be made on specific dates and month every year as agreed in the proposal form.
  •  The investment will be made through us after the investor make the payment for different insurance or investment products suggested.
  • Due to some reasons if the investor discontinues the scheme or irregular in making payments, the maturity proceeds may differ and the life insurance cover may also cease if it is lapsed.